Our Solution – Skylight Retrofit

A skylight retrofit is needed if your skylight is leaking. Martin The Roofer & Roofing Inc. can fit any existing skylight.

A skylight fit installation includes:

  • Replacing the existing skylight with a new Velux low-E glass skylight
  • Replacing the flashing, skylight curb (frame) when necessary, and surrounding roof material

A skylight fit is applicable for acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass skylights that are leaking.

As an option, Martin The Roofer & Roofing Inc. can do unforeseen work adjacent to the skylight, roof sheathing repair or replacement, attic space repair including skylight shaft or ceiling repair, new trim work, or painting.

15 year prorated guarantee

We offer an exclusive 15 year prorated guarantee on the labor component of a Velux retrofit installation, significantly more than most other installation companies.


Skylight Repair

  • We also repair Velux skylights after the warranty coverage expires.
  • A repair is done to extend the longevity of a Velux skylight. Repairs are generally categorized as simple part replacements or minor adjustments.
  • For repairs of non-Velux skylights, we offer the Retrofit option outlined above or the Replacement option on the Skylight Replacement page
  • All repairs are dependent upon the availability of parts from Velux.

skylights FAQ

How many years do I have left on my old roof?

This is a question we get asked a lot but there is no standard answer that is always correct. Like many things in life there are variables. The best we can do is provide some guidelines to equip you with reasonable expectations. Just to give you an idea of why this question can be tricky to answer, we’ve seen 11 year old roofs curling up like tortilla chips and leaking like a spaghetti strainer; and, we’ve seen roofs installed by the 80 year old homeowner 30 years ago that keep the home drier than saltine crackers. Obviously, every roof and situation is different.

Which shingles do you recommend?

Will I need a building permit for a new roof?

Who will be pulling any required permit?

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