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Every year Renaissance Contracting & Roofing installs vinyl siding on homes around the Greater Metro Detroit Area. We know how to help you make a siding decision that you will be proud of for years to come.

James Hardie siding is a smart choice for homeowners wanting to protect their homes from Michigan’s dramatic weather. Renaissance Contracting & Roofing has installed James Hardie siding on homes all around the Greater Metro Detroit Area and we look forward to working with you next!


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Trust Renaissance Contracting & Roofing to fix your damaged siding and take the stress out of storm damage repair. Every member of our team strives to provide our customers with the highest level of service throughout the entire siding repair process. No exceptions.


Upgrading or installing proper siding

Upgrading or installing proper siding is the easiest way to not only improve the appearance of your home but also your return on investment. The experts at Renaissance Contracting & Roofing Inc. have been supplying the Oakland, Wayne and Macomb County areas with CertainTeed's top quality products for many years. There are a number of options and materials you can use to obtain this appearance: vinyl, cement, composite, aluminum, or stone siding. These materials all offer a distinctive look and feel for your home. In our experience, we have found that most homeowners do not explore the materials used or the various durability or impact resistance before making the correct decision for their house. Renaissance Contracting & Roofing Inc. is here to walk you through theses steps for not only a great installation but a good customer experience.

PermaColor Siding



Stylish siding. Outstanding performance.

Whether it is a Victorian reproduction, a New England saltbox or a modern beach house get-away, we offer the rich look of natural cedar without the expense and heavy maintenance. You can create a home to be proud of with Monogram's designer palette of over 40 siding and trim colors. Inspired by nature, these colors are designed to harmonize home and environment.



An Architectural Classic with Countless Options.

Northwoods® siding offers design possibilities for accent areas or whole house applications with a broad range of colors. Beauty without the work.

Single 7" Straight Edge Perfection Shingles Offer:

  • TrueTexture™ finish molded from real cedar shingles
  • Enhanced shadow lines for better aesthetics
  • Deep tapered shingle gaps for a beautiful, distinctive look
  • Wide selection of colors, include dramatic darker hues
  • Coordinating trim options 10' panel length
  • .060" thick, sturdy vinyl
  • Virtually maintenance-free, never needs painting
  • Class 1(A) fire rating
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Architectural Accuracy and Beauty, Performance and Durability

Restoration Classic™ provides the premium features that makes it a great choice for both remodeling and new construction.

Available in five architecturally accurate profiles:

  • Double 4" Clapboard - Select Cedar
  • Double 4 1/2" Dutchlap - Select Cedar
  • Double 5" Clapboard - Select Cedar
  • Double 4 1/2" Clapboard - Smooth
  • Triple 3" Clapboard - Smooth

Restoration Classic Features:

  • 29 Low-Gloss colors with coordinating trim colors
  • Patented STUDfinder™ - designed for accurate and secure installation
  • .088" fold-over wind-resistant hem
  • 5/8" panel projection
  • .044" thickness
  • Virtually maintenance free, never needs painting
  • Class 1(A) fire rating
  • Lifetime limited warranty

siding FAQ

How many years do I have left on my old roof?

This is a question we get asked a lot but there is no standard answer that is always correct. Like many things in life there are variables. The best we can do is provide some guidelines to equip you with reasonable expectations. Just to give you an idea of why this question can be tricky to answer, we’ve seen 11 year old roofs curling up like tortilla chips and leaking like a spaghetti strainer; and, we’ve seen roofs installed by the 80 year old homeowner 30 years ago that keep the home drier than saltine crackers. Obviously, every roof and situation is different.

Which shingles do you recommend?

Will I need a building permit for a new roof?

Who will be pulling any required permit?

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